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As much as I respect you what you wrote hurt me. You trivialized those words. Do you really know what done feels like? It’s wishing that you’ll be mercifully killed in you sleep. It’s hiding a sleevefull of cuts. It’s the times when you get so sad that you feel numb. When you can’t breathe. You have so many fans that go through that daily including me. I’ve heard the word done too many times in regards to taking too many pills and giving up on life. To be honest when I first read it I thought something like that was happening. Then I realized that you don’t know the pain of having nothing. I hope you never will. But please think before you do something like that again. It was triggering.

There’s no one who makes me more upset on a daily basis than my own mother. I’ve lost all respect for her as a person. She’s done nothing to cultivate my interests and talents outside of those that she deems acceptable. She’s always tried to live vicariously through me because of her own failed attempt to succeed. I can see through all her bullshit now. She has no control over her own life and just tries to control other people’s. Too bad it doesn’t work.